Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Health Crisis And Getting A Bail Bondsman

Levi Bradley

When you are arrested under normal social health conditions, the methods you use to contact a bondsman are simple. You can have a family member or friend contact them. You can also contact a bondsman from jail. Once contacted, the bondsman will come to your location and the bond will be handled. This may be different during a health crisis. Here are a few changes to expect if you are arrested and need a bondsman during a health crisis or pandemic. 

Curbside Bonds

You may think of food delivery when you think of curbside service. The truth is, many bondsmen will utilize a form of curbside service during a health crisis or pandemic. This requires that any forms you need to fill out with the bondsman are done electronically. These can be done through the jail or a family member who is aiding with the bond can fill the forms out online. The forms are received by the bondsman and the cash payment can be delivered to the bondsman office. A representative will come to your car and take the payment. Other stipulations may apply to this type of service depending on the bondsman. 

Fax Services

Fax services are generally not mentioned when you are discussing a bond. This is because most bonds are usually done in person at the jail or at the bondsman's office. However, during a health crisis or pandemic, your bail bondsman may offer a fax service. The fax service will send the paperwork by fax to the jail or to your family member's location. The paperwork, including a debit or credit card payment form, can be filled out and faxed back to the bondsman and processed. 

Virtual Services

Some jails prefer that the bail bond be handled as close to the normal methods as possible. One way they are attempting to do this is by using virtual services. These services are done through digital face-to-face contact where the bondsman is in one room and you are in the other. There is no direct contact and video conferencing systems are used. This helps maintain health and distancing during the health crisis while still allowing the bail bond transaction to happen as normally as possible. 

These are just a few of the changes to expect when you need a bondsman during a health crisis. If you need a bondsman and are concerned about how you can access one during a health crisis, consider having a family member take care of the bond. Keep in mind that many bondsmen will change their procedures during a health crisis. These changes can help you still obtain the bond you need quickly.


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