Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

The Marriage Of Home And Auto Insurance Policies: Why You Should Bundle Them Together

Levi Bradley

Insurance companies, phone companies, cable TV and internet companies are all about bundling services these days. You probably already bundle your home communications services, so why not bundle your insurance, too? If you are hesitant about bundling insurance policies for any reason, here are three really good reasons why you should bundle them together.


Probably the number one reason you would want to bundle your home and auto insurance is convenience. If something happens to both your car and your home you only have to talk to one insurance agent for both claims. Another very convenient and useful thing about bundling car and home insurance is the fact that items stolen from your car are rarely covered by auto insurance, but they are definitely covered by homeowner's insurance. The homeowner's insurance covers all of your belongings on your property and protects them against vandalism and theft, including your car and important items left inside your car. A single, bundled policy covers it all.


Yes, bundling discounts are a sales gimmick, BUT they do save you a lot of money. When you bundle your insurance plans, there is also the positive impact that one insurance has on the other. Simply put, when you do not file a claim for a car accident or you never have had to file a claim for damage to your home, your premiums go down on your insurance for both your car and your house. A continued lack of claims is often rewarded by some insurance companies with even bigger discounts on your bundled insurance policies, which means you have more money for other things. (Conversely, filing a lot of claims on either your house or your car affects your rates, too.)

Credit Scores

Your credit score can effect your monthly premium payments, but it can also be improved by your regular and timely bill payments. That includes timely payments on your insurance policies. If you had separate policies with two different insurance carriers, but you forgot to pay the one bill for a few months and remembered to pay the other, your credit score would probably take a downwards turn. It would then have a negative effect on the insurance policy you have been paying. If you tend to be the forgetful type when it comes to bills, you should bundle your insurance policies so you can pay just one bill every month and have a positive impact on your credit score instead.

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Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

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