Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

About Getting Assistance From A Bail Bonds Company When Locked Up

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Did you fail to make a court appearance that led to you getting arrested on a bench warrant? You may be able to get out of jail on bond if the judge allows it, which will depend on if he or she feels as though you will skip town or not. Below, discover what a bail bonds company can do to assist you and what might happen if you don't show up in court after you get out of jail.

How Can a Bail Bonds Company Assist When Someone is Locked Up?

A bail bonds company will only be able to assist you after you have attended a court hearing. The hearing is necessary so you can find out if you can pay to get out of jail and what it will cost. Being that you are locked up for failing to appear in court in the past, it is possible that the judge won't allow you to get bailed out. However, he or she may allow you to post a high amount of bail due to your previous offense.

After your court hearing is over and you make it back to the jailhouse, you will be given the chance to call someone. Make sure the phone call is used to call a bails company if you know that none of your loved ones can help, as you will only get one call. You will give all of the information needed to bail you out over the phone. Some paperwork may have to be faxed to the jail staff and then handed to you to sign. When the paperwork is faxed back, you will be bailed out.

When you are released, make sure the bail bonds company is paid back promptly after your release if you want to avoid paying high interest rates. You can also be sued for failing to pay. Don't forget to stay in town because you must attend court so your case can be heard by a judge and resolved.

Why Can't Someone Leave Town After Getting Out of Jail?

If you leave town, it will cause you to get in a lot more trouble. The bail bonds company will send bounty hunters to find you, and the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. Once you have been booked back into jail, you are not likely going to be able to bail out and will have additional charges. Consult with a bail bonds company like Absolute Bail Bonds so they can set you free!


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