Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

Going Broke: Two Common Reasons Small Business Owners Financially Fail

Levi Bradley

When you first start out in your small business venture, there are stars in your eyes and you want everything done just right. You educate yourself with knowledge of the best inventory practices, overhead costs, and customer focus. It is all too easy for the common sense approach to small business and making money to get lost somewhere in the mix when money starts to really roll in. There are two common reasons small business owners find financial failure that could have been avoided with bookkeeping services.

Loss of Focus On Expenses

When a business first begins, there is more focus than ever on expenses. Every dollar that goes out for supplies and initial starting costs counts because the business owner is most likely watching closely to find a profit in their company model. However, as time goes by and profits start to accumulate, the attention to expenses within a business can become almost null and void. The focus is pulled away from costs and pinned more on the money that is being made. This lack of focus can lead to a company that has more coming out than what is coming in quite easily.

For example, a small manufacturing company gets their production components from a specific company at a certain cost. In the beginning, the cost for supplies is small enough that it allows for a profit margin for the finished product of the business. After several months, the costs of this supply goes up remarkably, however, the lack of attention on invoiced expenses leads to a failure to recognize the change in profit margins. This can lead to an all out financial disaster really fast if it is not addressed and adjustments made.

Changes In Market Viability Go Unnoticed

The main reason that a small business can succeed is that it can provide a product or service to consumers at a price that is competitive with other products on the market. Unfortunately, the proverbial market is an ever-changing platform that never stays the same. You may have the best price for your particular product or service now, but six months down the road there may be something bigger, better, or cheaper. Without constant attention to market viability and sales volume, it is easy for your product or service to drop out of sight and out of mind of the consumer, which is never a good thing. Bookkeeping services can often spot sudden changes in sales volume and alert an owner that something has changed within the market before anyone else knows what has happened.

Being in business for yourself is an incredible way to make a living for yourself and give your own dreams a chance to thrive. However, simple changes in attention and focus can lead to a major financial catastrophe that could easily ruin your business. Bookkeeping services are a logical solution to these very real problems in a small business setting.


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Credit Control: Tips For Managing Your Money

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